Prossimo Initiative
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Work Plan

  1. Pure Rust implementation
  • Implement zlib compression and decompression in pure rust
  • Fuzz output versus zlib-ng
  1. C API layer and security verification
  • Complete the C interface to mirror (at the ABI level) the zlib api
  • Fuzz the public interface
  1. Integrate with flate2
  • Alternative zlib backend through C interface
  • Ensure the implementation works on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Macos)
  1. Benchmarking
  • Benchmark on CI (similar to rustls)
  • Benchmark for all supported architectures
    • aarch64 (NEON)
    • x86_64 (SSE, AVX2, AVX512)
  1. x86_64 and ARM optimizations
  • Add SIMD acceleration based on zlib-ng
  • Incorporate optimizations from other implementations
  1. First stable release
  • Provide downloads for the dynamic library for supported platforms (x86_64 & aarch64 for linux, macos and windows)
  • Stabilize and publish the safe rust API