Prossimo Initiative
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Work Plan

Milestone 1: NTP Client

Implement an NTP client for Linux aiming for ~1ms precision.

  • Direct network interface
  • Measurement analysis and processing
  • Clock adjustment (POSIX)
  • Initial client/server connection state management
  • Initial configuration & status interface
  • Extended testing & test infrastructure
  • Support Let’s Encrypt in transition to the new NTP implementation

Estimated timeline: 3 months
Cost: $135,000

Milestone 2: NTP Server

Implement server-side functionality.

  • Complete client/server connection state management
  • Extend configuration & status interface
  • Additional testing and documentation

Estimated timeline: 2.5 months
Cost: $48,000

Milestone 3: Network Time Security (NTS) Support and Third Party Audit

Add support for Network Time Security (NTS) to both the server and client and undergo thorough third party security audit.

  • NTS client
    • NTS-KE client
    • NNTS Extension fields
    • NNTS Cookie management
  • NTS Server
    • Master key management library
    • NTS-KE server
  • Additional configuration
  • Additional testing
  • Additional documentation
  • Third party audit

Estimated timeline: 4 months
Cost: $137,000

Milestone 4: Hardware Device Support

Implement support for one representative hardware clock device.

Estimated timeline: 1 month
Cost: $44,000

Milestone 5: Communications and Adoption Work

  • Communicate about completed project
  • Advocate for adoption by Linux distributions and others shipping NTP implementations

Estimated timeline: 3 months
Cost: $50,000