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The Story

The Linux kernel is at the heart of today's Internet. Unfortunately, because it's written in C, it has a long history of memory safety vulnerabilities.

Securing the Linux kernel is imperative if we want a secure Internet. One of the best ways we can do that is by making it possible to write Linux kernel modules (e.g. drivers) in a memory safe language. To be honest, when we first starting thinking about how to bring memory safety to the Linux kernel, the problem seemed intractable. Then we learned that about the Rust for Linux project.

Alex Gaynor and Miguel Ojeda have done some incredible work, both technically and in terms of making the case for Rust in the Linux kernel. Miguel's first kernel mailing list RFC has a lot of great information about what's being proposed.

In April of 2021, were able to fund Miguel to work on Rust for Linux full time for one year.